Hey there lovely, you are probably here because you want to know more about me, well your in luck, because this is the place where I ramble on about myself.

Currently I’m eighteen years old and I am a freshman at the University of Ottawa. I am in french immersion (which I guess makes me bilingual). I am doing an Honours Bachelor of Science – Biology w/french immersion. When I am older I would like to be some sort of doctor, or basically anything that has to do with medicine and helping people. I am part of Rotary International and I love volunteering and helping people. I also love to participate in various Me to We campaigns. (Highly suggest getting involved!!)

I love sports and being active. Soccer and badminton are my favourite sports to play. On the other side of things I love music, I play the piano, violin, guitar and I also sing. I am a grade 8 level RCM vocalist and have been in Legally Blonde: the musical, A Night of a Thousand Stars, West side story, Disney Spectacular, Joseph and the Amazing technicolour dream coat, and countless other concerts as well as Sears Drama festival.

I have been blogging for about 3 yeas now but decided I wanted a fresh start so I started this blog at the begin of 2017. I originally started blogging as a way to practice writing but now writing is so relaxing and a great way to express my opinions and share my thoughts with everyone.

So that’s enough about me for now. I hope you have an amazingly wonderful day, thanks for reading.

~Tori Scherle~

*All photos are my own (unless otherwise indicated) and need permission to be used.

**Please note all opinions are my own and any sponsored post or affiliated linking in a post will be specified at the bottom of that post.


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