May 2/4: Day 3

Hey guys, if you don’t know what’s going on yet, check out my previous posts. To get right along with it, here are photos from our hike. Tomorrow is the last of the photos so don’t forget come back and check them out 🙂 ~Tori Scherle~

May 2/4: Day 2

Hey guys, back with more photos cause why not. It was rainy pretty much all day Saturday but we worked with it. They still turned out really good! More pictures from the weekend ever day this week so don’t forget to check back 🙂 ~Tori Scherle~

May 2/4: Day 1

Hey guys, if you saw my last post you would already know that my friends and I went up to Sinead’s cottage for May 24. These are the pictures from the first night there, I don’t think the pictures captured just how pretty the sunset was.   Don’t forget to check back every day this … More May 2/4: Day 1

Adventures in Ottawa : Egg hunting, Basilica and Parliament

Good morning lovelies, since yesterday was easter and I wasn’t home with my family, it just didn’t feel right not to do an Easter egg hunt. Well with the help of Snapchat, Didier and I went around the city collecting virtual eggs. It actually ended up being pretty fun and it was really nice outside. We … More Adventures in Ottawa : Egg hunting, Basilica and Parliament

Who I admire most

Good evening, this post is a little different; first because I already posted today, and second I never post at night. I wanted to share something that’s really close to my heart, and something that has been on my mind recently. Recently I have been dong interviews and a question that has come up a … More Who I admire most